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tv   Local 12 News at 5  CBS  March 21, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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explorer, the 50-year-old father of three groped her during a police ride along, and took him to the basement and spanked him. the spanking thing came up with other women who came forward, including bank tellers of former police officer and where john swing worked security. >> you could see spanking of the buttocks, both of victims and consistent in constant discussions with the women, is a tie that bound >> and behavioral fingerprint is important to prove, in order for the women's stories. it has to be relevant and show a pattern. >> the court has warned against using this type of information to accomplish what respectfully the state is trying to
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>> angel says with the nine women alleged. >> if this is criminal behavior, it should be charged. >> each woman has a reason to not file charges >> he's one of the peep's supervisors. think about the gravity, one who supervises you. you're placed in a position, where you either tell somebody about that and get your own character assassinated in court >> and the defense says video on swing's phone is of an innocent plank competition not a creepy video of the policewoman's buttocks. the prosecutor says, there's more video. swing often showed up to take the woman's picture. >> the judge has to decide if the jury in the grows sexual
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hear what the nine women have to decide. is it prejudicial or does it show a pattern. >> the judge want to see more phone videos and text messages before making his decision. >> convicted of charges, contexted to his wife's death must be retried or released. that's the decision on former springborough representative. they agreed with an appeals court ruling, investigators withheld evidence, that could have discredited charges. prosecutors say barton's wife was killed during a burglary he paid to stage in order to scare farm. jury convicted him of involuntary manslaughter and aggravated burglary.
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running a red light caused a deadly accident. officers say 22-year-old john morlock didn't stop there. medics treated three people after the crash, including moorelock's wife. lavern warlock died at the hospital. >> and police believe speed, drugs or alcohol played the part. he got hit from behind in the coumbs bridge at 9:30. he died at the scene. officers say cory litmeyer caused the accident: lit myer faces vehicular homicide charges. and litmeyer was also hurt. he remains in serious condition.
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where a car plunged into the ohio river. off the same bridge. crews were hoping to pick up the not the search but recovery effort of the car today. they say the river is still too dangerous for divers. they know where the car is. they will try later this week, if the water conditions improve. investigators say they have been contacted by the family of a missing person believed to have been driving the car. >> dozen families were forced to their homes that the fire says construction crew caused. complex. the gas ignited the tree. no one was hurt. and coalition of liberal groups stages rallies around the country, asking republican
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supreme court nominee. senate's office was one of the 50 places where protesters showed up. they asked lawmakers to commit on voting on merit garland. and the republican majority is refusing to consider garland, saying the next president should nominate the replacement senator portman said he's willing to meet, but thinks the process should wait until after the election. >> it's way nicer than the upper tenties. today, we have hit 52. and we're looking live at 71, 75. traffic is moving smoothly. we have plenty of -- we have fairly dry air, and high pressure takes control of the
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and we're in the upper 40s for wilmington. wilmington: winds out of the west and northwest between 10-15 miles an hour. we're going to see a windy afternoon tomorrow. right now, we have fair weather clouds around. nothing at that will bring us any rin. we stay dry with mostly clear skies. 11:00. tomorrow morning, we'll be back in the 30s. we'll talk about when we will warm up and overnight and when the next chance of rain will coming up. >> local 12 news, hosts the public town hall at the freedom center as part of the ongoing investigation into childhood poverty. >> includes national poverty experts.
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you to a local woman who overcame poverty and is helping others. debbie bowman spreads the message, as president of girls hope, cincinnati. they take cardianship of at risk children >> you're feeling hopelessness. poverty is one thing. abuse and neglect is another. when you're feeling hopelessness, there's no way out. other than someone is hearing about them. >> brad johansson moderates the town hall, from 7:00 to 8:00. it will air on local 12 and stream on you could participate on twitter, using the hash tag, your voice, your future >>nd a their birth is one for the history books. chitta cubs puts the cincinnati
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. >> 5 new cheatta cubs, via a
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the birth once was considered high risk. veterinarians had to do an emergency procedure to protect the cubs and the mom. they are getting around the clock care and bottle feeding. so far, they are doing well. >> sales of previously owned homes took a dive as the demand for housing could be cooling amid prices and inventory. the national association of realtor says sales dropped. regular gasoline going into the workweek climbed 16 cents from the state average this time last month. the price per gallon was about $1.89 from today's survey. that's less than the average national price of $1.98. both averages remain lower. the gas prices increase recently
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supplies and relatively strong to demand. >> here's the prices. kyle in the facebook page, posted $1.68. christine saw 1.74, bp in the corner in loveland. john said it's $1.86. karen posted $1.73 in the fuel mart in aurora. if you see cheaper prices. foreign policy moves to the
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the report the presidential . >> pomp and circumstances mark the historic significance of president obama's first full day in cuba. a man who fought for cuban independence from spain more than a century ago the official happened in the palace of revolution, where president obama met with president castro behind closed doors. the relations could be normalized when the embargo ends. >> and it starts as the most important obstacle and the well-being of the cuban people. that's why the removal will be
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>> after 4-5 decades, relationships will not be transformed overnight. we continue as president castro indicated, will have serious differences including democracy and human rights. >> no country meets international standards on human rights. nearly all of the presidential candidates spent time in the nation's capitol addressing the largest pro-israel political action group. >> as craig boswell reports, it's considered a must stop for those seeking the white house. . >> donald trump is expected to dive deeper. >> want to speak to governmental people here and israel. >> hillary clinton addressed the apec crowd early monday morning and called out trump's campaign rhetoric. >> america should be better than this. i believe it's our responsibility as citizens to
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if you see bigotry, oppose it. if you see violence, condemn it. if you see a bully, stand up to him. >> trump included a tour of his new hotel and meeting with lawmakers in capitol hill. >> it makes sense we unify the party. >> the only presidential candidate not to address apec. bernie sanders chose instead to am ca pain out west. craig boswell, cbs news, washington. polls head to the stage. and under no circumstances will he be rival ted cruz's running mate. he ruled out a ticket with front-runner, donald trump. >> it's still a bit chilly. at least the sunshine was out. >> i think it's great. it could be a little warmer.
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we'll get it tomorrow and our rain, like i was saying, will be dry for the week. >> i know >> it's speeding up a little bit. we will have a system on thursday, which will allow another more -- little more time for the system. and we will have a couple of showers, at least early on easter. it's still a week away. they will have some great sunshine and through the day tomorrow. few clouds around, as we take a live look from the weather cam. temperatures in the airport, 52 right now. slightly below the average. 55 in georgetown. and lower 50s for mazeville. and versailles at 52. area of high pressure is down to the south. that's what is creating the winds coming from the westerly direction. satellite and radar right now, area of low esh were you are still to the north and east,
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pennsylvania, new york, some snow. we have also some clear skies to the south and west. that's because of the area of high pressure, that creates the dome of really dry air. that's why we don't have a lot of moisture in the form of clouds. we stay mostly clear this evening. temperatures in the mid 40s. it will be a little chilly or cool later this evening. you will want to bring the jacket for any after dinner plans. temperatures will fall in the lower 40s by 11:00. we'll see winds change from the westerly direction to a southwest direction. we gear up for a breezy day on tap. we're mostly clear this evening. we stay dry overnight. your morning commute, will be rain-free. it will be chilly with temperatures in the 30s by 8:00 tuesday morning. by 5:00, we jump all the way to the lower 60s. that's a little bit above average this time of year. we do stay dry. they are lines of equal pressure.
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it will be windy tomorrow afternoon and gusts up to 30 miles an hour are possible. as we get to wednesday, we continue to pull in moisture from the south and west. that's going to create a couple of isolated showers i think late in the day and mainly to the cincinnati. we expect. couple of showers on wednesday, or in advance of the next system, i should say. rain-free. we start off in the 30s. by the afternoon, you should be fine. temperatures will be topping out around 62 degrees under mostly sunny skies much wednesday, it will be a nice day. breezy and windy during the day. getting to the lower 60s. we'll see thickening clouds as well. couple of showers western, northwest of cincinnati. thursday, it will be a wet day with rain. highs near 60. we drop to 50 on friday, getting rid of the rain.
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especially to start. temperatures in the 30s. 63 by saturday, though sunday, we have a chance for rain, especially late in the day. couple of showers, temperatures in the lower 60s. at least we're pretty warm. mid to low 50s on monday. early, yeah. >> i'm hoping, models will change and kind of bring it in early for saturday and dry easter.
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. >> because of u.s. copyright law, songs could be reclaimed by the writers, 56 years after their initial release. the first songs will be reclaimable starting in 2018. and apple ceo tim cook opens the company's product launch with a promise to protect the users's privacy and data. it comes one day before apple faces up in court against the fbi and bitter battle to access the iphone used to plan the san bernardino terror attacks. apple says one billion of the
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>> we have to decide as a nation, how much power the government should have over our data and over our privacy. >> they ruled an se that has a four inch display. and the company released an iphone pro and wristwatch. several banks will soon allow the phone to replace our atm cards. >> this looks like every our atm. customers could use their phone and leave their debit at home. >> bank of america, equipped with a reader that senses an atm
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>> enter in my pin with my debit card. will draw cash. $20. and checking account. >>nd an other banks including chase and wells fargo plan to introduce cardless atms this year. >> you could see phones playing a bigger role in tems of routine transaction. >> phone is safer because they need to unlock the phone and use the victim's number. it could solve the problem of skimming. >> with new technologyies, and once you use it, you realize how easy it is. >> handful has the technology.
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in 3 thousand machines by the end of the year. . >> harsh volleys, controversial and tennis. >> i will go down every night on my knees and. >> both comments kept the them swinging. >> and new at 5:30, details of a safety investigation. for a limited time, great deal on this passat. wow, it looks really good... volkswagen believes safety so all eleven models come standard with an intelligent crash response system... hmm. systems... hmmm... ...and equipment for two child seats. for those who take safety seriously. like we do. the volkswagen safety in numbers event... is
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it's too easy for people to get away from taking other people's lives. it's not right. >> the daughter of a man murdered in his home, is outraged by a plea deal for her father's killers. >> and good evening, everybody. emotions run high for the loved ones of karl. >> and they kept watch and admitted what they had done. local 12, adam clemmons, engal's family is upset. >> because of the massive head wounds he suffered we couldn't give him a proper open casket. emotional words from the family of kile engal. >> after beating him unconscious, they went around, smashing bones. this is to assure he couldn't call for help. they wanted him dead, your honor. >> and mario and james kirby, agreed to plead guilty to manslaughter charges.
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in prison. 10 of the years, are for trying to escape from the justice center, if he awaits for trial. third member of the crew, agreed to the deal. they acted for the look-out on what is supposed to be a burglary. she got 11 years. >> i don't know. >> and prosecutors laid out the gruesome details of the killingings, saying engal was hit in the head with a frying pan. >> the defendants may have felt trapped in the 2nd floor, given my dad's health and age. with one blow. >> and tense moment in court, when mario reacted to lou which is's family. >> and the actual truth would not have came out, if i won have spoke out, without me speaking
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truth to the whole case scenario. >> i spoke to the judge after the sentencing. we're seeing predators, she calls them, praying on the elderly. she says, it has got to stop. adam clemens, local 12 news. >> james kirby is charged in an attempt to escape from the justice center. jailers say kirby and another man left their cells and tried successful. >> funeral services were set for a 4-year-old boy, after a man allegedly dipped his legs into scalding water. and a funeral service will follow at 1:00. anna ritchie, his stepmother is in the warren county jail, charged with child endangering, but could face more serious charges when the grand jury considers the case.
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to punish him and killed him to death. this morning, there were tears and hugs during a moment of silence in honor of deputy kyle koontz. another deputy was wounded in the shoot-out. he was able to take part in the precision for koontz today >> we're learning more on the man believed to be the top suspect in the pais attacks. he was shot by officers as he ran in a building by brussels. it was caught on camera. >> he was shot in the leg and quickly put in an unmarked police vehicle. prosecutors say they don't know the exact capacity. and he slipped through police fingers on several occasions, including the day after the
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about 500 yards from his childhood home >> we fallen in love with weapons, heavy weapons. . >> he will appear in court on wednesday. the search continues for at least two accomplices. >> target of the deadly attacks for the first time. 20 customers and staff members were killed. cafe has been renovated and given a new look. staff members say they are still scared by the attack and hopes the remodel will help everyone move forward >> u.s. government is investigating gear shifters. the smaller shifter provides more space in the center of the council. some consumers can't tell if they shifted it properly. there are hundreds of reports, after the driver thought it was in park. chris vancleave, looks at how
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>> gary leased a 2014 jeep cherokee cherokee. they changed the feel of shifting gears, maybe too much. >> if i don't hit it just right, i could get into an accident because of that. >> new shifter is an electronic gift shift or eshift. los angeles the grooves and sensation >> and i get out of the jep. i thought it was in park. it was in reverse still. >> national highway safety administration, is investigating more than 850 thousand vehicles. most are 2015, 2016 cherokees. and investigation claims reports of 120 accidents, resulting of hospitalized. cherokee. >> there's also. >> i pushed all the way forward.
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>> at the end of the day, you don't have a problem, car will move forward or in a way. >> and as of the 2016 model year, it's changed, transmission and new vehicle but hasn't recalled any of the existing models. the changes were due to customer satisfaction, not safety reasons. cbs news, washington. >> bmw and mercedes has similar electronic fixtures. those companies added a fail failed-free feature. and there will be more on the investigation, in the cbs "evening news,". >> and the trending. the first tweet was found by
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it invited users to express themselves with brevity and immediacy. it's an on-line disclosure, impacting everything from entertainment and style. . >> wednesday you may not be able to access the internet. if you don't update your older e-readers before march 22nd, it won't be able to download books from the cloud or kindle store. >> updates affects the kindles models made in 2012 or earlier. you could manually update it, to gets access. >> i do use this one and i do miss a little bit about holding the book. >> they are taking starbucks to court. >> the lattes are being shortchanged.
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chain is knowingly and systematically serving customers lattes that are 25 percent smaller than the menu claims. the starbucks stops shorts in filling on latte. they claim they top it off and save. >> and want starbucks to admit. >> hey, you could add more, they would always do it. >> star buc's quarter officials, latte lawsuit is without merit. i want to know about the grande's and lenties. >> enthusiasm and energy. it doesn't always get them to the polls. how groups are trying to
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. police have a couple of mystery men. sheriff spotted two suspicious men and they wouldn't stop much the suspect's car hit the railroad tracks in the glen witch village shop. and it caused the power to go
5:42 pm
two men had no idea and police are trying to figure out who they are? >> and building in a prime location is a step closer to redevelopment city has owned the building for years. the building is in main stros village. it's been home to bapgs and offices. commissioner is expected to vote tomorrow night. they have not said when the work will continue. if you're going southbound, you have to use kentucky 18 and 42. it will ease some congestion, should open by the middle of
5:43 pm
easing on 42. city's farmer's market will open for the season. it will operate on village green parks. besides meat, organizers are still looking for vendors. you should contact the city of cincinnati.
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next, the fee ja top election leaders, backs an easy voting law. secretary of state, allison grimes, she hopes the state senate will approve a billing approved by the house. ohio's early voting is 35 days before the election. >> when it comes to get out the votests, there's a group that's historically difficult. we're talking about young people or millennials. this year, it could be changes. our national correspondent looks at one group trying to energize them. >> their enthusiasm doesn't
5:47 pm
>> i saw barack obama over his army, organized. effectively. with effectiveness on college campuses. >> i said, they should be competing in the arena. >> started training point usa. has his own army of volunteers and staff. >> have a lot of volunteers and get you involved. >> he may still be too young to rent a car. colleges. >> the second is frustration and anger and distrust of washington in the political. cycle. one that brought bernie sanders from his support. >> snapshot generation. 56 percent to 36 percent according to a recent poll. kirk believes the tide will turn.
5:48 pm
uvber generation. >> uber and lyft. people should be in charge of their tactic. that's what we're fighting for. they found the youth vote in these ten states, exsaid the, the margin of victory. a shift in their vote could have changed the ultimate results. in washington, christine brezow reporting. >> good evening to you. temperatures in the airport. as we look live at the weather camera. 52 in harrison. hamilton, you're right there with them. a couple of us, like brookville indiana. and alexandria, you're in the
5:49 pm
with a little bit of a breeze, it will make the upper 40s feel a little chillier. and in the next few days ahead of the next rainmaker. wind speed trend tomorrow, winds will die down this evening after sunset and get back above 10 miles an hour, mid to late morning. we can see gusts, with sustained wind, 18-22 miles an hour mark. we're dry right now. we're under the influence of a high pressure system, that's down to the south. and as it kind of scoots to the east, it will bring southwesterly winds. it will help us warm up. in addition to the sunset, we'll see through the day. we'll add to the 10 degrees and we have mainly clear skies. that's what we will see
5:50 pm
definitely, if you're headed out, you'll want to see. temperatures in the mid-40s. mostly clear skies throughout the night. temperatures around 44 at 9:00, notice winds die down 1-4 miles an hour. and temperatures will fall to 41 by 11:00. tomorrow's forecast, it looks like this. 46 by 7:00. looking at bright and chilly start. temperatures will hit by 54 by noon. warmer than we are at right now. we'll continue to see a lot of sunshine throughout the day. that combined with the southwesterly breeze, around 18-20 miles an hour. we'll feel a little more like spring, but we see the wet weather arrive for later this week. it comes a day sooner than i was looking at last week. things have progressed in the weekend. that allows for another system to sneak in here for this weekend.
5:51 pm
weekend, on easter sunday. temperatures will top off. and it will be a cold start. in the afternoon, you won't need the jacket. mostly sunny and windy. gusts, 20-30 miles an hour. and we'll be breezy ahead of the next rainmaker. and a bit better than the 30s. we'll start in the 50s for thursday morning. we'll have rain likely and thunderstorms possible. we'll dry for friday and cooler as well. we're back in the 60s. clear to partly cloudy skies. that will be probably the better day. we'll be tweaking the forecast
5:52 pm
we'll have lingering showers at least for now and temperatures closer to average to 44 degrees. and hearing plenty about the cincinnati. latest, on march madness loss, buzzer ahead at 6:00.
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. >> controversial comments he made about women. >> he said tennis stars, ride on the coattails of men. and as daniel nottingham, serena williams >> serena williams found herself defending women's tennis. >> in my next life, when i come back, i want to be someone in the wta. they ride in the coattails of men. >> indian wells didn't stop there. >> they are lucky. if i was a lady player, i would go down every night on my knees
5:56 pm
and -- they carried the sport. >> obviously, want to be down on my knees. you should have to drop on my knees. >> serena williams, really set the tone of the response from the women forcefully. >> williams is bigger draw from her male counterparts. her presence, led to a sell-out before the men and what's ever. others joined williams in her outraged. espn commentator says moore should resigned. >> i'm absolutely livid, when i read those remarks. >> and billy jean kim, i made comments that are extremely poor taste and erroneous.
5:57 pm
>> spokesperson for the women's tennis association calls moore's remarks, extremely disappointing and alarming. >> tonight at 6:00, despite a childhood that always killed her. local woman, and how she's changes young lives. >> a crash on 275, tragically claims a local man's life. what police are saying caused
5:58 pm
5:59 pm
>> tragic deat >> what a tragedy, what a loss. how could we lose someone so young and so full of life with so much to give?
6:00 pm
her family and friends. we will miss her greatly. >> for those who knew and love the college, for family in the weekend. >> katie fell while hiking in a nature preserve. >> private ceremony at notre dame academy in park hills. rich jaffe. >> and katie stewart made an impression on everyone who knew her. they are talking about how tough it is to process what happened. katie stewart was a 2012 graduate of notre dame academy. ironically the slogan in her yearbook, it's not the end. it's only the beginning. besides her smiling picture, the


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